The Quiet Hero – Camel Treks Australia Photographic Tour


Camel Treks Australia – The Cook – Susan If anyone is looking for an awesome cook to cook for you or your group then Susan is the person for you. Simply awesome bush tucker. Well done Susan.:):) Pete:):)   Susan Pearl you are an absolute legend!!  

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Time – Have we lost it ?


Time is something that most of us struggle with. We live in a society that is lived at a such fast pace and the thing that amazes me, we are told all the new technology that is at our finger tips is there to make life easier, to free us up, to make things easier and to give a better…

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Inner Beauty-What Do I See?


All of us has an inner beauty….          

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” The Girlfriend and Lightning “


  The Girlfriend and Lightning On the 17th of January Adelaide received an enormous electrical storm . Over the past 12 months I have been shooting an old fJ Holden that I call “ The Girlfriend” , some of you have been following bits and pieces of the progress.I have been shooting her for the entire year. It’s just a…

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FJ Holden Equals Life


FJ Holden There are things that excite us that will be different for all of us. What one gets excited about , the other will look and say to them self, “ how could he or she possibility get excited about that?” We are all different aren’t we. For those who have been following my brief photographic journey on Facebook,…

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” The Remarkable “


The Remarkable There are times in our photographic life where we are confronted with what I call “ The Remarkable,” and that is not really the right word for what I want to talk about but how do you find a word that describes  for you, something that pushes you over the edge in terms of expectations, grandeur, awe inspiring…

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Murray River Princess And Life


Murray River Princess And Life Not long ago I was on the  Murray Princess and it is an imposing Paddle-steamer, although technically it is not a paddle-steamer as it is not driven by steam.That’s another story. Nevertheless it’s an imposing structure and one that demands your attention when you see this traveling down Australia’s greatest waterway-The Murray River. I was…

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Whose Eyes?


Whose Eyes For those who know me , they know I love the awesomeskies and being in a place that is distant and sparse. This series of trees were taken on the same trip as I took the VW out in the field. Over 150 kms apart however. I love keeping my shots as simple as I can, not always…

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Hidden Treasures – The VW


Hidden Treasures-The VW Hidden treasures are all around us.When I’m on the road delivering my product to the various places around South Australia, my eyes are always scanning for what I call “the hidden treasures” that have withstood the passage of time.What I see as the hidden treasures are actually out in the open,not hidden at all, they are staring…

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ND Graduated Filter Workshop


ND Graduated Filter Workshop Ian – “Thanks Pete your workshops are very entertaining your passion for photography and teaching is very special, I had a great day.” Emma – ” thanks you are a great teacher!.. Can’t complain at all! Love the shots I took today! Thanks Pete!” Karin – ” Absolutely fantastic was so worth it ” The ND…

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